Unity through diversity

Meet the team behind Koa

From solar power to Koa

Renewable energy brought them together in 2017. Benjamin Kuschnik and Anian Schreiber shared the belief that sustainable technology could create new opportunities for value creation in West Africa. Today, 42 employees in Ghana and Switzerland dedicate themselves to positive impact.

Our Koa team in Ghana is made up of young locals from the communities close to the factory as well as internationally experienced experts who, like co-founder Michael Acquah, have returned to make their contribution towards sustainable growth. In Zurich, a team of seven is coordinating the distribution, and developing innovative processes while spreading the word of Koa throughout the world. Our team is committed to the growth of Koa with a great deal of passion and ambition.

We are convinced that it is our duty to shape a joyful future for our stakeholders, the society and all life on our planet.

Two minds,
one vision

Anian Schreiber

Co-Founder &
Group Managing Director

My passion for nature guided me from sailing to solar energy. The conviction that every human being should have the chance to shape life positively brought me to Ghana. This is where it all came together, and now, solar energy creates delicious cocoa fruit juice with a positive impact.

Benjamin Kuschnik

Co-Founder &
Group Finance Director

Renewable energy and project financing across the world have long been the core of my work. Now, they are my tools to boost innovation to contribute to responsible value chains. The core of my work today? Building cultural bridges.

The source of our enthusiasm


taku forichi matthias göhler andrea werdin benjamin kuschnik ursina krähenmann philipp weibel

Diversity is our strength.

Cooperation is our backbone.

Passion is in all we do.

Responsibility is the basis of our actions.

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