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We have a roof

What is a building without a roof? Not really a building, right? Our main building of the new cocoa fruit factory finally has one, and it is very big. After the side elements of the factory were placed, it was time to add the roof. First, steel structures were placed with an angle to connect both sides of the factory. Next up, the supporting structure was covered with single skin as well as insulated roof panels.

Having such a big roof doesn’t only mean we have a lot of space underneath, but also that we have a big area to collect rainwater. The entire roof area of just the steel structure is 2800m2 large. Other areas, i.e extraction building, storage, boiler and chiller area will add an additional 1077m2 of roof area. With an average rainfall of about 1500mm per year in Achiase, the potential water-catching capacity per year sums up to around  6 million litres per year. Utilising this amount of water helps us reduce the amount of water we need to get from other sources.

Elvis, our Key Project Coordinator, who follows the construction process closely in Achiase is very happy to see this happen: 

“It is very fulfilling to finally see all the hard work of travel, coordination of contractors and suppliers with their unique challenges begin to crystallize. For me, progress is always my motivation to push more.”

Stay tuned for upcoming posts.

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