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Water, a valuable resource

Thanks to our five years of experience in our first factory in Assin Akrofuom (in the Central Region of Ghana), we were able to design our second factory more efficiently and also more ecologically. Our production process in the factory requires substantial amounts of water for cooling products after processing and for cleaning. For this reason, we are planning to implement two measures to lower water usage and increase the amount of recycled water.

Firstly, we will use more efficient machines for the numerous cleaning and processing steps. One example will be our new bucket washing machine. This machine will use around 2L of water to clean one bucket compared to 7L per bucket that our current system needs. This doesn’t sound much but when considering that we are planning to clean around 600 buckets per hour during peak season, it adds up pretty quickly.

Secondly, we will implement new water recycling systems to reduce the fresh water use. A 75 cubic plant will help us to treat cleaning and sewage wastewater. This machine can treat 75,000L per day of waste water which ensures enough capacity for our new factory. In addition we will install a reverse osmosis system with a capacity of 8000L per day to ensure clean and safe water for consumption. Our aim is to use as much recycled water as possible for production processes, sanitary facilities and for the maintenance of green spaces around the factory.

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