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An Update from the Front Lines

The Factory is Coming Together!

An aerial view of the new factory in Achiase.

The atmosphere at the new Koa factory site in Achiase is charged with a sense of anticipation as the project reaches its final stages. Kweku Adu, CEO of Oasis Project Services Ltd, the principal contractor, spoke about the progress made. Despite challenging local conditions, the team has successfully completed 80% of the construction, a testament to their diligent planning and adaptability.

‘We’ve had to move massive amounts of materials,’ explained Kweku. ‘We dealt with frequent rainfall, and ensure a constant supply of essential construction resources, such as rebars and cement.’ Notably, the Oasis team undertook the added challenge of producing blocks right on site, a further demonstration of their commitment to the project.

The path to this point wasn’t always smooth, but the team’s determination was key to overcoming obstacles.

‘We faced initial challenges,’ Kweku said, ‘but we’ve managed to overcome them.’ As the building nears completion, with only a few doors and windows left to install, the final touches to the roads, pavements, and drainage system are underway.

Kweku Adu (center), CEO of Oasis Project Services Ltd, and the team.

Elvis, the Director of Technical and Quality Operations at Koa, also updated us on the factory’s progression.

‘The building is now fully roofed, most of the windows are in place, and the civil structure is nearing completion,’ Elvis reported. With the impending installation of the floors and equipment, this construction project is cresting the final hill. Elvis is now looking forward to completing the remaining tasks, after which testing and commissioning of the plant will begin.

‘Our goal is to commission this plant by the end of August 2023,’ he shared, setting a timeline that will enable Koa to begin commercial quantity production of cocoa pulp, a first in all of Africa.

This project underscores the commitment of both Koa and Oasis to make a meaningful, cooperative impact. The journey so far, from initial budgeting to site selection and handling inflation’s impact on material costs, exemplifies resilience and determination. Koa’s goal of establishing a factory in Achiase, a prime cocoa-growing zone in Ghana, is coming to fruition.

As we count down to the project’s completion, we encourage you to stay tuned for more updates. This narrative of pioneering innovation, collaboration, and impact continues to unfold.

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