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Standing steel structure

Africa’s biggest cocoa fruit factory has taken another important step. Now, the above-ground steel structure has been erected which will be the framework for all the future brick walls. After finishing the foundation, it was time to mount the big steel parts which will hold the roof and stabilize the factory building. Luckily, the steel structures were delivered a while ago, so the construction process didn’t have to stop. 

 A mezzanine floor on one end of the steel  structure provides a second floor area planned to hold office spaces, changing rooms, laboratories, process control room and other non-production processes. The rest of the factory consists only of the ground floor to have enough height for machines to operate.

 Seeing the erected steel structure finally helps us to realize the extent of the project. The excitement in the team has significantly risen since the above-ground elements have been erected. Alejo, our Technology Manager who is part of the project team, comments on first seeing the finished steel structure: “It was a great feeling to see how what we started visualizing and conceptualizing is taking shape. Incredible to see how every component is getting set one step after the other to give life to our new factory.”

Stay tuned for further updates.

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