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Laying of bricks

One brick at a time the walls of the new factory are taking shape. After the steel structure and roof were completed, it was time to build up the walls. The main building’s external brick walls cover an area of approximately 1500 m2.  In addition, bricks are used not only for the external walls but also in many parts for internal separation where no insulated panels were used. These walls separate production areas from non-production areas and also define the different hygiene areas in the factory. 

Besides the main factory building, other smaller adjoining buildings such as the extraction building, utilities and storage building are being built in complete masonry bricks. The extraction building is where the raw materials  are first delivered in case we process at the factory instead of in the communities. From there, the juice and pulp will be transported into the main building where the secondary processing takes place. 

The storage building is completely an ambient  storage facility to guarantee adequate storage space for packaging materials, cleaning chemicals, PPEs etc.

At this stage, around 80% of all the external brickwork for the main buildings is completed.

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