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Final Preparations!

Greening and Equipment Testing in Achiase

It’s August 2023 and the pages in our Achiase factory construction project story are nearing their end.

In this chapter, we focus on greening and testing of equipment.

‘Greening,’ in this context, refers to the process of incorporating more vegetation or green spaces in our construction. Since Koa is built on the triple bottom line – people, planet and profit – greening is one of the ways we seek to protect the environment. As such, little buds of shade trees, carpet grass, avenue plants, and ornamental plants will soon decorate the factory compound.

Each plant was chosen purposefully. The shade trees were planted to replace the trees that were removed during construction; they also serve as a windbreak to shield the building. The carpet grass was planted to hold the loose soil together to avoid soil erosion. The avenue plants provide shade from the high temperatures in the Achiase. Finally, the ornamental plants provide colour and vibrant aesthetics to the factory exterior.

Stepping into the factory interior, we’re greeted by the hum of machines being tested. It’s a symphony of juice extraction machinery, the main processing line, laboratory equipment, and the bucket washing machine. The sounds of the factory are coming to life. 

The new equipment will create an avenue for automation, such that it will reduce human contact by about 80%. The output from the effluent treatment (Waste Water Treatment Plant) will be utilized to irrigate the Koa R&D farms, exemplifying the factory’s commitment to recycling and sustainability. For Daniel, Koa’s Production and Operations Director & the factory project lead, his favorite machine is the hand dryers, as they will eliminate the use of tissue paper. Indeed, a breeze of progress is flowing through Africa’s largest cocoa fruit factory.

Tune in for the next update as we approach the grand finale!

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