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Factory foundation finished

Another milestone of the new factory construction has been achieved. All the earthworks and the following foundation works have been completed. Considering all the challenges along the way, such as heavy rains, delivery delays and scarcity of storage space within the project area, it is relieving to have completed this step.

First, excavators dug the foundations around the perimeter of the factory to a depth of about 1.5m. After that, the bottom of the foundations was compacted with a vibratory plate machine to ensure a stable base. Next, rebar cutting, bending and tying and form works were done to give structure for concrete works. After the concrete had dried and hardened, the supporting structures were taken away and the remaining gaps were filled with soil.

Now, it is much easier to imagine the size and structure of the finished factory. From the birds-eye view, the different parts of the factory are well visible. The big main rectangle will be the core of the factory and contains the main processing area, storage facilities and workers’ changing rooms. The smaller adjoining rectangle is where the beans will be delivered for depulping on the days when we process at the factory instead of the field. Opposite the main factory building, some small foundations can be seen which will be the place where the transformers and generators will be located.

Having the foundations done is a big step forward. Next, the upper part of the factory will be erected with steel structures. To follow the progress of the construction, stay tuned for further updates.

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