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Cold storage and more

Koa’s new factory project is steadily making progress with each passing week. Both the exterior and interior components of the factory are taking shape. The external walls are nearing completion, while the inside is being developed. Recently, the cold storage units were installed, commissioned and handed over a few days after the originally planned period. This is due to the typical challenges of running such a project in a rural location, hours from the business capital. The team commissioned and tested one of the new generators that will ensure an uninterrupted power supply to the factory during the cold room commissioning.

Meanwhile, the internal divisions of rooms and hygienic areas are being constructed according to our building design with minor modifications. The goal is to create an efficient, collaborative and positive working environment that meets high standards of food hygiene and safety.

The roof trusses for the adjacent building, where the beans will be delivered and processed, have been installed. Additionally, the retaining walls that level the land where the factory is located are about 80% complete. These walls create level areas required for vehicle movement, product loading, raw material reception and parking.  Some of these areas will be prepared for greening, which is challenging as topsoil was lost during the construction process. However, our agronomy team is determined to make this happen.

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