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An internal road network & land rejuvenation

Another update from the construction site of our new factory. 

It brings us great joy to share the remarkable progress not only in the development of the factory buildings but also in the transformation of the surrounding areas. As we focus on creating a holistic environment, both internal and external aspects of the project are coming together.

Internal Road Network: Connecting the Core

One notable achievement is the preparation of the internal road network, which serves as the vital connection between different sections of the factory and the main road. The roads have undergone meticulous packing and the base layer has been carefully laid with gravel. To ensure a strong foundation for the forthcoming concrete works, the gravel is compacted firmly, guaranteeing durability and reliability. This well-designed road network will facilitate smooth accessibility for the delivery of raw materials and other crucial goods, ensuring seamless operations within the factory premises.

Surrounding Areas: Thriving Progress

In addition to the road network, significant progress has been made in transforming the surrounding areas. While some sections of land were cleared to accommodate the construction process, we are committed to rejuvenating and restoring these areas.

One section of the factory land will be used for a demonstration cocoa farm. For now, various crops such as plantain, maize, and cassava were planted to prepare the land for growing cocoa. The  plantain trees will act as shade trees for the cocoa seedling when freshly transplanted. By combining our passion for sustainable cocoa production with the restoration of the land, we aim to showcase the entire process from cultivation, to harvesting, to processing.

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