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Added value for farmers

At our second factory, we plan to collaborate with 10,000 smallholders to increase their income. What can they expect? Here’s a feedback from Cecilia Anison who is a farmer from Assin Akrofuom (our first factory). She has been working with us since the beginning. We recently had an interview with her because we were interested in whether the increased income has affected her life. She told us that thanks to this extra money she was able to buy some land for farming and was able to send her children to secondary school: “My children finished school and are looking for jobs at the moment. I’m very happy about it.” Cecilia said she really enjoys being part of Koa and looks forward to further cooperating with us. 

Afia Serima is another cocoa farmer from the community Assin Akrofuom and joined Koa three months ago. Together with her father, she takes care of the family’s cocoa farms and supports other farmers in the region during harvesting. We recently sat down with her to learn how the extra income benefits her and what she does with the money. “I’m now able to cater food for my children in high school – I love the initiative”. Afia hopes Koa will expand so they can process all cocoa pulp there is to increase their benefit.

To learn more about our impact on small-scale cocoa farmers in Ghana, watch this BBC report:


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