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6 Frozen Treats with Cocoa Fruit

Beat the heat and stay cool this summer!

With summer now here, there’s no better time to indulge in refreshing treats. And what could be more satisfying than a cold, invigorating creation made with the latest trending ingredient: cocoa fruit? Join us for an inside scoop on six frozen cocoa fruit treats that promise to tantalise your taste buds and keep you cool throughout the season. And don’t miss out on our downloadable recipe guide which will help you to recreate these delightful treats and enhance your menu or product offerings this summer.

1. Cocoa Fruit Sorbet

Looking for a refreshing vegan treat to beat the heat? Look no further: Cocoa fruit sorbet with Koa Pure cocoa fruit juice reflects the pure freshness of the cocoa fruit pulp and surprises with its exotic sweetness and fruitiness. Picture this: a scoop of velvety cocoa fruit sorbet infused with subtle hints of basil, courtesy of Kevin Kugel Chocolatier’s latest creation. Feeling inspired to create your own cocoa fruit sorbet? Dive into our demo for a step-by-step guide.

2. Chocolate Cocoa Fruit Sorbet

Looking for the perfect product story? Why not make a sorbet that uses the entire cocoa fruit – both the beans and the pulp. This flavour symphony harmonises luxurious chocolate with the tropical essence of cocoa fruit. This extraordinary sorbet brings together Koa Pure cocoa fruit juice, Felchlin’s cacao fruit couverture and Felchlin’s organic cacao butter. It’s a real delight for those who relish the contrast of deep, earthy tones from the cocoa beans, complemented by an exotic, tropical twist from cocoa fruit pulp.

3. Cocoa Fruit Froyo with Cocoa Fruit Caramel

Take your frozen yoghurt game to new heights with one of our latest obsessions: a cocoa fruit froyo topped with a cocoa fruit caramel. Imagine a blend of creamy, dreamy yoghurt infused with the exotic essence of cocoa fruit, with an added burst of tropical flavour from the caramel. This tantalising creation feels like a mini-holiday and will leave you craving for more. With Koa Pure cocoa fruit juice as the star ingredient, blended with natural Greek yoghurt, a hint of lemon juice, and a fruity sauce topping, every spoonful promises a refreshing summer treat.

4. Ice Cream with Dried Cocoa Fruit Inclusion

For those who love a bit of crunchy or chunky texture in their ice cream, we’ve got the latest game-changer that you can’t find anywhere else: dried cocoa fruit flakes. These delightful additions offer not only a burst of tropical sweetness but also a satisfying soft texture in your ice cream. For a crunchy inclusion element, try combining Koa Flakes with chocolate. Need a little visual inspiration? Check out the chocolate ice cream in this reel by Kevin Kugel Chocolatier.

5. Ice Cream with a Cocoa Fruit Chocolate Shell

Speaking of crunchy textures, why not use some crispy cocoa fruit chocolate as a shell? Here’s a treat for you to try: an ice cream bar on a stick adorned with a cocoa fruit chocolate shell made from crispy Koa Flakes – remember what we said earlier about the beauty of using the entire cocoa fruit? This is another perfect opportunity to marry chocolate with pulp. And why stop there? Try a creamy, velvety soft ice cream with a wafer made of cocoa fruit chocolate and cocoa fruit flakes delicately sprinkled on top, creating a sensory experience like no other.

6. Cocoa Fruit Slushy

Let’s finish up your summer line-up with a refreshing iced drink. Create a refreshing iced slushy with cocoa fruit. Whether you prefer the pure essence of cocoa fruit juice or the intense burst of flavour from its honey-like concentrate, a slushy is the perfect antidote to a hot summer day. Discover the latest indulgence in cool bliss with Knoops’ newly launched Cocoa Fruit Frappé and treat your senses to a taste of pure delight.

If you’ve reached this point, you’re ready to become a master of frozen cocoa fruit treats. Try something new this summer and keep cool with our delicious frozen cocoa fruit recipes. Simply click the button below to download our recipe guide.

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Cocoa farming communities: smallholder farmers in Ghana

The Impact of Using Koa Cocoa Fruit Ingredients

Here at Koa, we’re passionate about transforming the cocoa industry by using every part of the cocoa fruit, including the often-overlooked cocoa fruit pulp, to create delicious products that are not only exceptional in taste but also contribute to the well-being of smallholder farmers in Ghana by boosting their income.

By using more of the cocoa fruit, we’re not only creating additional job opportunities in the cocoa farming communities but we’re also actively reducing our carbon footprint, all contributing to a healthier planet.

Furthermore, by upcycling the cocoa fruit, we’re leading the way towards a more sustainable cocoa sector while introducing a delightful array of new treats and culinary delights that elevate both savoury and sweet creations. Come join us in our mission to make a positive impact on both livelihoods and the environment while indulging in flavourful delights!

Cocoa fruit

Where To Buy Cocoa Fruit Pulp

Our cocoa fruit pulp products

Indulge in the world of cocoa fruit pulp products, designed to not only elevate the world of gastronomy but also cater to the discerning needs of industry professionals.

Gastronomy professionals

We offer a variety of cocoa fruit pulp products to cater for different culinary preferences. Whether you’re a chocolatier, confectionery expert, ice cream artisan, bakery master or mixologist, Koa Pure cocoa fruit juice or Koa Flakes dried cocoa fruit pulp (with or without cocoa powder) can give your dishes a refreshing and exotic taste, offering a new twist to various recipes. Here’s where you can purchase them:

Germany and Austria:

Confis-Express: Confis-Express is a German supplier that caters to confectioners, pastry chefs, chocolatiers, bakers, and all those with a passion for finesse. Trusted by top establishments for 25 years, Confis-Express offers more than 10,000 products, with many available for delivery within 24 hours.


Felchlin: Felchlin has been the leading producer of noble Swiss chocolate and semi-finished products for more than a hundred years. Felchlin works directly with cacao farmers and partners around the world to ensure their standards of quality, transparency and sustainability are met throughout all our processes, from cacao planting to our finished products.


Maison des Métiers de Bouche (MDMB): French distributor Maison des Métiers de Bouche offers quality products for gastronomy professionals, especially for demanding chocolatiers and patissiers.

The Netherlands:

Vanilla Venture: Since its foundation, Vanilla Venture has been the market leader and a leading supplier of high-quality gourmet products in the Netherlands. Vanilla Venture offers delicatessen and fresh products for the quality-conscious gastronomy. The products are sourced from small, authentic producers worldwide. Vanilla Venture focuses on organic and ethically sound products.

Industry professionals

Our dedication to culinary innovation extends to a wide array of industry professionals, encompassing large drink companies, ice cream manufacturers, chocolate producers, and beyond within the Food & Beverage industry.

From the pure essence of cocoa fruit juice, Koa Pure, to dried cocoa fruit Koa Flakes (with or without cocoa powder) and Koa Concentrate (50° and 72° Brix) – each product is carefully developed to support culinary professionals in various fields. Get in touch with us today to discover how you can seamlessly integrate cocoa fruit pulp into your products or request a sample with the Sample Request button on the bottom of your screen.

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