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Payments verified with blockchain

Do you want to get full proof of the cocoa farmer’s pay? You can now seamlessly track payments in real-time, and ultimately your impact. Every single payment is verified as we connect mobile money transactions with blockchain.

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Radical Transparency

Why is Koa different?

Let’s take a closer look

Over the last decades, supply chain scandals and cocoa farmer poverty have continued to rock the cocoa industry, leading to increased consumer demand and political efforts to improve transparency and accountability. Certifications are one important way to tackle this. However, we need to do more, and we at Koa can add to that. Let’s look at how we do transparency and how we increase the impact significantly.

The extra money a farmer
receives per ton of cocoa

Koa’s impact can be combined with any certification increasing the farmer’s benefit even further.

*How do we calculate the $ 307? Koa pays a fixed price for the pulp and we calculated how much do the farmers earn extra if they sold not only the beans but also the pulp. Here’s the calculation: One ton of beans results from 3.3 tons of bean-pulp mix (on average). 3.3 tons fill 220 buckets which Koa processes to recover the pulp. For each bucket, a farmer earns an average of GHS 16. Thus, for one ton of beans, a farmer earns GHS 3520 extra from the pulp. As of 12 September 2023, GHS 3520 are USD 307.

Sources for prices: Fairtrade / Rainforest Alliance (and UTZ)


4 differences that make Koa stand out

Creating added value: Farmers profit from an additional revenue stream as they now sell the pulp of the cocoa fruit.
Each farmer receives 100% of the extra money on the day of production.
Direct trade with every single cocoa farmer in our network without middlemen.
Every single payment transparently verified via blockchain.

Verified with blockchain

We pay farmers with mobile money via telecommunications operator MTN. This transaction automatically notifies our tracing partner seedtrace who then compares the details of the payment from Koa with MTN’s information. If the data matches, the information is verified and irreversibly stored on the blockchain.

And if you now think, we pay farmers with Bitcoins, rest assured: we pay the farmers with real money. Blockchain is simply the technology that can record anything of value with full transparency. Learn more about it and click on the button.

What's Blockchain?

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Make a difference and join us. Together we empower your consumers to obtain assurance about the conditions under which their food ingredients were produced. As a Koa customer, we will provide you with an adapted solution that fits your needs. Become a part of the transparency movement.

Check out the live payment ticker below used by our customer Oberweis and contact us for an offer.

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Our transparency partners

Seedtrace Tracing Partner

seedtrace is a Berlin-based company with the aim to turn supply chain transparency into the norm. With a focus on social and environmental impact, the digital platform enables businesses to manage supply chain data, prove sustainability claims and turn them into a competitive advantage. In order to do so, seedtrace is building a network of independent third parties and strengthening supply chain actor collaboration while irreversibly storing critical data on a low-emissions, open blockchain.

seedtrace website

MTN Mobile Money Partner

MTN is Africa’s largest mobile network operator. MTN enables people to make financial transactions using their cellphones. MTN Mobile Money is a secure electronic service that enables MTN Mobile Money wallet holders to store funds, send and receive money, make payments and do a number of other transactions simply using their mobile phone. It’s fast, simple, convenient and affordable.

MTN website