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Koa Pure is a versatile ingredient, for both food and drinks. The fascinating flavour profile and smooth texture makes it a delightful addition to the culinary world. Discover nature’s potential and get the creativity flowing.



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The cocoa fruit

The cocoa pod consists of a thick shell that protects the inside. In Ghana, the beans make up around 25% of the cocoa fruit. The pulp is another 25% and the rest is husk. Thanks to the utilisation of the cocoa pulp, with our innovative processes, the use of an already existing natural product has become a reality – creating added value.

A fresh taste

The fresh cocoa pulp balances tropical flavours of intense sweetness and exotic acidity. Thanks to gentle and swift processing, we preserve the natural taste of our products.

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Koa Pure

A versatile ingredient

Koa Pure

Our cocoa fruit juice is 100% natural without any additives. The fresh juice is gently pasteurised and packaged in airtight containers. The best quality juice travels from smallholder farms in Ghana directly to the patisseries, bars and kitchens of the world.

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Product development

We’re constantly working on product innovation. The Koa Concentrate will be launched soon. Contact us to learn more about the cocoa fruit juice concentrate and our latest products for culinary or industrial applications.

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Campari Koa


Chocolate muffins with
fig mascarpone cream, sweetened with Koa

Recipe coming soon!

Koa Cold Brew