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Shaping a joyful future together

The Koa way

In 2017, we had the sparkling idea of how to contribute to sustainable growth in rural Ghana. Koa was born from a sophisticated concept, innovative processes and a great deal of passion.

At Koa, we spot the hidden potential to empower people. We discovered that the cocoa fruit has much to offer besides the beans. The fruit lets us increase farmers’ income, create new jobs in rural areas and is a resource for added value for the people and planet.

30% more

For small-scale farmers

Through training with Koa, more than 1600 cocoa farmers have gained new knowledge and methods to process the previously discarded cocoa pulp. Thanks to the partnership with Koa, the farmers increase their income by 30%. With just three litres sold, parents can buy their child school pens and notebooks for a whole term.


economic growth

New jobs in rural Ghana

Most of our team are young workers from the surrounding communities who now have a new outlook on life. Additionally, our team consists of internationally experienced experts, making valuable contributions towards sustainable growth in their home country.

40% less
food waste

For a responsible use
of resources

By processing the cocoa pulp, we make use of a natural resource, previously thrown away. Through solar power, we gently remove the surplus part of the fruit. The beans remain unharmed and proper fermentation of the beans for the chocolate production continues to be guaranteed.

Renewable energy

Our processing equipment only runs on solar energy. Learn more about our sustainable technology.


Koa supports the
Sustainable Development Goals


No poverty

  • By collaborating with us, small-scale farmers increase their income by 30%.
  • Our staff receive fair salaries and operate under attractive working conditions.

Gender Equality

  • Our employees are being promoted independently of gender.
  • We set an example for gender equality in rural communities.

Affordable & clean energy

  • We only use solar energy when pressing our cocoa fruit juice.
  • By 2023, all processing steps will be powered by renewable energy.

Decent work & economic growth

  • We create new jobs in underdeveloped regions.
  • By investing directly in the local value chain, we encourage economic development.
  • We boost sustainable growth through technical innovation and training for our employees.

Industry, innovation & infrastructure

  • We industrialise the post-harvest process of cocoa farming that has remained unchanged for centuries.
  • By using a combination of cutting edge technologies, we implement micro-industrial processing methods.
  • We contribute to the development of infrastructure in rural Ghana.

Responsible consumption & production

  • We reduce food waste from cocoa production by 40%.
  • To increase the added value, we research the potential of the entire cocoa plant.
  • We enhance recycling and waste reduction by constantly optimising our processes.

Living on land

  • We encourage the optimal and sustainable use of agricultural land – at one with nature.
  • We regularly carry out training for our cocoa farmers focusing on sustainable cultivation of cocoa plantations.
  • Our goal for Koa is to be carbon neutral by 2023.

I’m 24 years young, coming from a small town close to where Koa is situated. Now imagine that young locals start building the first ever cocoa fruit juice factory – locally – and we can be part of that world innovation. Pretty amazing, right?

Ebenezer Nstiful
Processing Supervisor at Koa, Ghana

It was a wonderful surprise when the Koa team started setting up the factory in our community. The benefit for all of us quickly became apparent. Exciting to be part of this!

Assana and Kweku Ampong
Cocoa farmer from Assin Akrofuom, Ghana

Thanks to regular workshops with Koa, I’ve been able to not only create a second source of income but also gain new knowledge for the cultivation of our cocoa plants.

Ama Owusua
Cocoa farmer from Assin Akrofuom, Ghana