farmers profited

... GHS
paid to farmers

... kg
reduced food waste


Impact through

Cocoa fruit for responsible
value creation

For people & planet

Koa is extracted from the colourful cocoa fruit, harvested in the beating heart of the Ghanaian rainforest. Not only does its sweet and unique taste wow people – it also carries great social and environmental change.

More income for
cocoa farmers
economic growth
Less food

Partnership at
eye level

Ama Owusua
Cocoa farmer
Assin Akrofuom, Ghana

A win-win for

After extracting the juice, I proceed with the normal processing of the cocoa beans. A meaningful benefit for me and the whole community, as the process is so seamlessly integrated into our daily work.


Justice Mensah Bonsu
Processing Manager
Koa, Ghana

At one with

Connecting people through cocoa fruits is so exciting. As we contribute to growth in remote areas of my country, we are able to not only responsibly utilise the previously discarded pulp, but also share a new flavour with the world.


Heiko Nieder
Chef Fine Dining
The Dolder Grand, Switzerland

Exotic, light
& fruity

The versatile flavour of Koa allows me to offer my guests a new experience. At the same time, I can be part of improving the living standards of cocoa farmers while making sure we utilise a valuable resource.

Taste Koa

100% nature

From cocoa fruit
to Koa

A versatile fruit

Koa comes straight from nature – without any additives. As we gently process the fresh fruit, we put great emphasis on working in harmony with nature and the farming communities. As a result, food professionals enjoy a fascinating ingredient opening up new possibilities.


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